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Testing email when working with no SMTP server

Happy New Year!

While this tip isn’t my own, it still seems as though it will be very helpful.  I know that I do a lot of development locally where I don’t have an SMTP server setup.  This tip, courtsey of .NET Tip of the Day, really will eliminate that problem and allow you to work with email without the headaches.

Testing code that sends email has always been a pain. You had to set up a SMTP service just to test that your .NET application sends the e-mail correctly.

However, there is a way to send e-mails with no SMTP server set up. Just configure your .NET application to drop e-mails into a specified folder instead of sending them via SMTP server:



<smtp deliveryMethod=”SpecifiedPickupDirectory”>

<specifiedPickupDirectory pickupDirectoryLocation=”c:\Test\” />




This will instruct SmtpClient class to generate mail message, save it as .eml file and drop it into c:\Test\ folder.

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