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Weight loss diary – Week 4 (+/-0 lbs)

Week 4: 187 lbs Not much to report here for Week 4.  It’s Christmas, I’m still not 100% health wise, I’m not worried about it this week. I’ll probably do my best to avoid junk/fried food this week, so hopefully I can avoid packing any weight on.

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SQL Server (2008) Performance Tuning Resources

Here is a (running) list of some SQL Server Performance Tuning resources that I’ve compiled over the past week or so.  These have been helpful in educating me on the black art of database performance tuning.  I realize the title states SQL Server 2008, but really most of these probably apply for SQL Server 2005 and 2008.  I, particularly am…

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Weight loss diary – Week 3 (+2 lbs)

Week 3: 187 lbs This week has been horrible.  I’ve been sick and I haven’t even considered going to the gym.  The only thing that actually seemed appealing was going to the steam room and sitting in there for 10 minutes to clear my congested head.  But, that’s not worth all the other nonsense involved with going to the gym,…

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New Mac Hardware

Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to get a new laptop.  I really was interested in the Macbook Pro line from Apple but knew they were in the middle of a release cycle so I started to do my homework.  As the months passed rumors started to circulate containing details about the new Macbook Pros that were going…

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weight loss

Weight loss diary – Week 2 (-5 lbs)

Week 2: 185 lbs As mentioned previous in my State of My Fat Ass Address, I am trying to lose some weight.  Week 1 started off pretty well with me going to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before work.  I ate pretty good for most of the week and just couldn’t make it to the gym Friday. It’s Tuesday…

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Songbird – a new iTunes rival on the block

Mozilla today released Songbird, a new cross-platform open-source media player to rival iTunes.  It’s based on the same software engine as Firefox and much like Firefox, it’s extensible via add-ons.  It was quick and easy to download and setup and looks a lot like iTunes.  You can get the free download here. You can check out a more extensive review…

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State of My Fat Ass Address

Week 1: 190 lbs I hate to admit it but I have been going without disability insurance for some time now (well, actually I’ve never had it).  Seeing as how I’m the only one working and with benefits for my family I finally got off my lazy ass and put the wheels in motion to get some disability insurance.  Actually,…

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