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Weight loss diary – Week 3 (+2 lbs)

Week 3: 187 lbs

This week has been horrible.  I’ve been sick and I haven’t even considered going to the gym.  The only thing that actually seemed appealing was going to the steam room and sitting in there for 10 minutes to clear my congested head.  But, that’s not worth all the other nonsense involved with going to the gym, so it ain’t gonna happen.

My eating habits have been a bit off this week.  Stupid CDW, where we buy computer hardware at work, sent us a 50 gallon drum of holiday cookies.  And for a while they were in our main IT area, which was bad news.  I got them oved into the main kitchen area where they’ve been quickly disappearing.  Unfortunately it hasn’t been quick enough because I’ve been grabbing a few here and there.

As far as me being sick goes, I’m the last one in the house to come down with something.  All of the kids had some kind of stomach bugs two weeks ago and Adam and Avery both transitioned into having ear infections.  Poor Adam had a double ear infection and it was rated a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 by the nurse at the doctor’s office on Monday.  Man, that paired up with the fact that he’s got 4 of his first teeth all in a race to see which one(s) will make it out first.  Needless to say, I shouldn’t be complaining about my sore throat, headace and congestion.  It could be worse!

With Christmas next week and next week being a short week, I’m sure I’ll shoot back up to the weight where I started.  It’s going to be hard to keep weight off when I can’t go to the gym and we’re bouncing back and forth between people’s houses eating holiday dinner.  I guess I’ll have to try, and at a minimum stick to my no fried foods rule.  That should at least help, somewhat.

On a sad note, we had to put our dog Kenna down on Monday.  I won’t go into it much here, Jen did a great job on our family blog.

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