Flip MinoHD vs. Kodak Zi6 Comparison Review

As I mentioned back in December, I received a pocked HD camcorder for Christmas and decided to try it out against another comparable camera that was out on the market to make sure that when all was said and done that I had the better of the two units.

The two cameras that I tested were the Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder and the Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Camera.  Both were purchased from and as you can see from the links here had pretty comparable features.

Here’s a breakdown of what I felt were the pros and cons for each model:

Camera Pros Cons
Flip MinoHD
  • Smaller size
  • Wrist strap on side vs. bottom
  • Software supports MAC
  • Software decent for managing device and movies
  • Battery is internal and can be charged by USB port
  • No expandable memory
  • Internal battery can’t be replaced if it goes bad or loses capacity over time
  • More expensive
  • Software upload to YouTube feature doesn’t take advantage of YouTube’s new HD options
Kodak Zi6
  • Feels more solid
  • Screen much more clear, bigger is much better for viewing
  • Zoom button much better
  • “Trackball” much more responsive than buttons on Mino
  • Uses external batteries, easy to pickup a pack from a store if you’re in a pinch
  • Uses external storage (up to 32GB), you can swap out cards if not at your PC. Mino only has 4GB internal memory
  • Small internal memory
  • Can’t plug it into my 15″ Macbook Pro USB slot when the power cord is plugged in. Have to use a USB extension cable.
  • No Mac version o the software 🙁
  • Seems to default to HD vs. HD 60 (60 = 60 frames per second vs. 30, the default) — this may be configurable

So which one did I keep?  The Kodak.

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