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Ways to optimize your ASP.NET applications

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently optimizing our ASP.NET application to help improve performance.  After spending time analyzing the code and the database for inefficiencies, it was clear that something needed to be done to minimize the data (reduce the request size) that was being delivered to each user for each page request.

After lots of reading and testing, I ended up reducing the size of most of our page requests by as much as 95% in some instances. In the next few posts I will go over, in detail, how you can use the following steps to optimize your ASP.NET (and non-ASP.NET) web applications with only a little bit of work:

  • Enabling and configuring HTTP compression in IIS6
  • Enabling content expiration for static content (graphics, css files, JavaScript files, etc) in IIS6
  • Changing your application to store ViewState in the session rather than in each page
  • Configuring Telerik’s Radcontrols to work as efficiently as possible
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