Outlook 2007 dropped print range – WTF?

One of my co-workers asked us (the IT department) how she could print a certain page number or range of pages using Microsoft Outlook 2007. Since I was the only one in IT to have Outlook 2007 we looked at things on my system. Honestly, I don’t know if I had tried that before so I wasn’t entirely sure where you would set those options. My first guess would have been in the print options, where else?

Well, after fumbling around for a few minutes we realized that there didn’t seem to be anywhere to actually set these options. Shortly after my other IT co-worker found this Microsoft support article offering up workarounds since they decided to remove this feature.

Why the heck? “Gee, this is a really useful feature, let’s take it out and make them use workarounds.” “Good idea, this should hinder productivity!”

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2 thoughts on “Outlook 2007 dropped print range – WTF?

  1. In case you weren’t aware, Office 2007 SP2, release shortly after your post, has now fixed this issue.
    Remarkably, Microsoft are very quiet on this and it is not in the main release notes…perhaps they don’t want to admit this ridiculously enviromentally unfriendly bug existed in the first place.

  2. Too funny. Thanks for pointing this out. I’m sure you’re right in that they didn’t want people to know something so basic was left out.

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