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Got the DSLR, a Cannon EOS Rebel XSi

To follow up on a previous post about evaluating Digital SLR cameras, I picked up one a few weeks ago before Alex and Avery’s 3rd birthday party.  As stated in the title, I ended up going with the Canon EOS Rebel XSi.  I ended up picking up a kit bundled with the standard 18-55mm lens and a telephoto lens (50-250mm).

There are definitely a ton of options, most of which I don’t understand.  I do feel like so far just using the auto-mode the photos have been awesome.  The best feature that I’ve been loving is the quick recovery time between shooting pictures.  I hope to learn more about the advanced features in the future when I have more time.  For now I’ll rely on the auto and scene modes.

One thing that I did do was update the camera’s firmware this week.  In case you’re not aware, it’s always a good idea when purchasing any kind of camera, camcorder, etc. to check to see if there are firmware upgrades.  Typically they fix bugs or ad support for new accessories that may have come out since the product was initially released.

If you’re a fellow Rebel XSi owner you can get the latest firmware and upgrade instructions here.  The process is very easy and only requires that you have a card reader for your SD card.

By the way, speaking of SD cards, I highly suggest that if you’re in the market for a DSLR camera that you pickup a good quality SD memory card.  Going with a cheap generic card, which cheap, will not allow you to fully take advantage of the speed that your camera can most likely write to the card.  Generic and cheap cards are slow, and you’ll wait for the images to be written to your card between pictures.  In order to eliminate this bottleneck I went with the SanDisk 16gb Extreme III 30MB/s Edition SDHC High Performance Card.

They key here is the 30MB/s speed.  That’s where this card stands out above others (the 16GB of storage doesn’t hurt either). I had picked one up at Best Buy the day before the kid’s birthday party for almost $80 more and ended up ordering the one linked above from Amazon because it was much cheaper.  Once the one came I simply took that box back and returned it to Best Buy.

All in all I’ve taken a few hundred pictures with the new camera and love it.  It’s definitely bulky and not as convenient as carrying around the old point and shoot, but the end result is worth it as far as I’m concerned.

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