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Dusting off the running shoes

Thanks to a co-worker I’ve been slowly getting back into running lately.  For some reason (maybe having the kids?) I went from running a decent amount a few years ago to not running at all.  Not that having kids is a good reason to stop running and exercising, I guess I just let it become an excuse.  Either way, I’ve been much more active this year and for a good while now have been playing racquetball 4+ times a week.  Luckily now that I’ve gotten back into running I’m realizing that all that racquetball has gotten me in decent condition to get back into running starting out with 3+ mile runs without much trouble.

Along with dusting off my running shoes I’ve dusted off and charged back up the Garmin Forerunner.  What the heck is that you ask?  It’s a wrist-mounted GPS fitness computer!  Come on, you didn’t think I’d have a gadget for running?  You must not read this site or know me.  Actually, if you’re into running or thinking of getting into running you may want to consider picking up this or one of their other models.  It’s great when you’re trying to train for a race (5-k, 10-k, half or full marathon, etc) or just want to track your routs/progress and allows you to download your data for free to the Garmin Connect website.

Two things to note if you already have one of these devices or consider buying this model.  1, they have a firmware (software) update for the unit.  Since I hadn’t used mine in a few years mine was a few versions behind.  All you need for this is to download their web updater software and it’s pretty much automatic from there.  2, this unit only has a serial (RS-232) interface to the computer.  If you don’t know what that means all you need to know is that most new laptops and Macs don’t have serial interfaces.  You can solve this problem by picking up a USB to Serial cable adapter.  This will make working with any modern computers (laptops and Macs) much easier and faster.

Hopefully I can stick with the running now and build back up to doing some races.  My co-worker is doing the Virginia Beach Half-Marathon this Labor Day weekend.  I would love to go with him but we have so much else going on this summer that I really just can’t take another weekend away.  I may be able to convince him to do the Baltimore Half-Marathon this October.  We’ll have to see how that works out I guess.

Either way I plan on getting in at least 2 runs a week for now as I ease back into things.30

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