Don’t pay those shipping fees!

I buy tons of stuff from  It’s convenient, the prices are usually pretty good, and most of the time you can usually get free shipping if you spend over $25 thanks to their super saving shipping (which, all though they say is the slowest method I usually get stuff in 2 days anyway).

Well, what happens if the thing you want is $18.50?  What about if it’s $22.53?  You only need another $2.47 to get free shipping (which may cost you 3x that much).  There must be a way you can get that free shipping without adding another $30 thing to your order that you didn’t need…


Enter item fillers.  These websites are great because they let you search by a specific amount you need in order to qualify for free shipping.  Just load up the site, put in your amount, pick some categories that you may want to look in and optionally put in a search keyword and viola… you have pages of items that are close to that $2.47 that you needed to spend in order to get free shipping!

Two sites that I found recently were and  The first site is the one that I actually used earlier in the week when I was buying some stuff (see screen shot above).  I liked that site better because it showed information about most discounted items and top sellers.  I guess for me I wanted to try to get something that normally costs much more than the $7.44 that I was spending 🙂

So next time you’re shopping for something cheap at Amazon and you’re just shy of getting that free shipping, don’t forget about these item fillers.  You can also quickly Google amazon item fillers and you’ll find these two sites right up there at the top.

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  1. bah–i pony’ed up for amazon prime-free 2nd shipping on everything they sell (no on stores that sell though them) and 2.99 overnight….it’s awesome!

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