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Visual Studio 2008 is a piece of shit!

It’s been one of those weeks 🙁


It should be noted that I was able to take a screen shot, upload it to WordPress and make this blog post before that message went away and I was able to interact with Visual Studio.NET again!

14 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2008 is a piece of shit!

  1. You are spot on ! it *IS* a piece of shit. They have so many bugs that crash Visual Studio if you are using MFC. It seems that once you start compiling and debugging, you are then FROZEN from adding any further new classes via their piece of shit class wizard.

    Another thing that I can’t stand is the HTML dialog boxes. Why can’t they give you an option to use CDialog instead.

    I had to go back to the one that *REALLY* works, VS 6.0 MFC.

  2. It has worked much better since I switched over to Windows 7. Even with 64-bit Windows 7 it runs much better.

    My problem before may have been more Vista than VS.NET 2008.

  3. It’s the worst piece of shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. It just plain sucks!

  4. Indeed – both it and 2010 are utter shit, written by morons. 2010 won’t even install, let alone work.

  5. Came here to agree. VS2010 is such trash it’s unbelievable. How does a company with so many resources ship such intensely buggy software? Jeez…

  6. Indeed – it’s a piece of – frustrating – crap! It just keeps freezing and crashing. (trying to refactor a large solution, so lots of interaction with solution explorer….)
    Why it’s just expanding the setup project most of the time, is beyond me. The support for these kind of projects is not even complete (MSbuild does not support it).

  7. Besides crashing every 30-40 minutes from insufficient memory. I was stupid enough to think that maybe service pack one would fix the memory problems. Not only did it NOT fix them, it introduced New (far worse) ones.

    Now when ever I go into the query designer it crashes. I have had to go to a third party query designer. This all started when they decided to move away from a windows forms based interface and came up this giganormous pile of steaming crap based around WPF.

  8. No you are wrong. VS2008 was the last version that worked. VS 2012 on the other had is the biggest pile of shit I have ever seen, it crashes right and left every 5 minutes. The only thing I regret is that I didnt pay anything for it so I cant demand my money back. MS hasn’t released a working piece of Software in the past 3 years and it’s no wonder Apple has overtaken them. Ever since Gates left MS, it’s a heap of menure

  9. I’m using Visual Studio but it is really a IMMENSE BIG OF SHIT. In business world it is too Slow Application Development (SAD) tool. And many other problems. I’m looking a more faster tool like a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. ¿Do anyone knows a tool for RAD? I want to abandon Microsoft because I’m tire of waiting a good and professional work of them. ¡Now I know it never going to happen! Sadly, I liked Microsoft but I’m tired of waiting for them. ¿Where is the true guru in Microsoft? I suspect the gurus scape from Microsoft and leave the Experts in bully gurus to take their jobs.

  10. lol every time I want to build a project I downloaded, I wanna use VStudio 6.0 too 🙂
    I downloaded VS 2013 or someshit and it’s been installing 10gb of bullshit I never asked for on my hard drive and it’s still busy…
    this is ludicrous, it takes 10 seconds to instal gcc and cmake on fucking linux

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