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CMD Email v2.0 released

CMD Email, the email command line utility I developed (originally discussed here) has been updated to version 2.0.

Here are new features for v2.0:

  • Updated to target .NET 3.5 Framework
  • Added support for message body being loaded from a file
  • Added support for multiple file attachments
  • Added support for logging to the Windows Application Event Log

You can download the latest runtime or source from the project page on CodePlex.

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4 thoughts on “CMD Email v2.0 released

  1. Hi, Tried your CmdEmail but fails when using a non TCP 25 port…

    Have tried -p 2525 (as that’s the port I need to use) but it fails with an error message still pointing to port 25! I also have changed the xml config file to use port 2525 but same result.

    Also a bit confused as there are TWO -p in use according the CmdEmail help output?!

    Many thanks,

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