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CMD HTTP Request – command line HTTP request utility

More and more I find that I need to setup some kind of job or scheduled task to accomplish something in .NET on a reoccurring basis.  Typically in the past I’ve written Windows Services to accomplish this.  While effective, these definitely take longer to write and are harder to debug than say a simple ASP.NET page.  What I’ve done lately is started to move these non-critical, non-security sensitive processes into ASP.NET pages that can be called on a specific schedule via Windows Task Scheduler.

When I started moving this way I realized that I wanted to find a small utility that I could run from a command line to initial a web page request.  It had to be something I could run from a scheduled task and something that I could use to save or log the results.  After doing my due diligence Googling I realized there wasn’t such a utility that I could easily run from within Windows without installing all kinds of libraries and non-Windows based tools.  So, like any good programmer, I made my own.  Enter CMD HTTP Request.

As I said, this utility is small, light weight and runs on Windows via the .NET Framework.  You don’t need any special commercial programs to run it and it will even check your pages for keywords you specify and save the request’s results to disk as a HTML file.  This, essentially, is your log of what happened during that request on that date and time.

I won’t go into too much more detail here.  I think you get the main idea.  You can  download the source code or executable from the project page on Codeplex and learn more about it.  As always, feel free to leave me any feedback or suggestions either here or via the project page on Codeplex.

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