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Easily Disable JavaScript Debugging in Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008 is not without its faults.  They did however add some nice features in the 2008 release such as JavaScript debugging.  This feature is great when you need it, but can drastically slow down your debugging experience if you don’t need it or use quite a few “script heavy” controls like Telerik Radcontrols.

So after dealing with this for a while and taking enough productivity hits I decided to find a way to disable the Script Documents folder that shows up when running in debug mode.

It didn’t take long to stumble across this blog post where the blogger made a VisualStudio add-in to make turning this on and off as needed easy via a toolbar button.  After reading the post and downloading the utility I was debugging without the old lag that I had before caused by all of the JavaScript documents that were loaded.

If you’ve run into this and feel this would be helpful, I can say that it seems to be working fine for me.  I was a little worried too considering I run Windows 7 but it seems to still work well without any permissions issues.

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