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How to use the My Namespace in C#

When I was first trying to transition from VB.NET to C# I found it pretty odd that the “My” Namespace wasn’t available in C#.  If you aren’t aware of what I’m talking about, the Microsoft.VisualBasic.MyServices namespace (My in Visual Basic) provides easy and intuitive access to a number of .NET Framework classes, enabling you to write code that interacts with the computer,…

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Use ASP.NET and DotNetZip to Create and Extract ZIP Files

I recently came across this article from Scott Mitchell, that shows how to use DotNetZip to create and extract ZIP files in an ASP.NET application, and covers advanced features like password protection and encryption. The article details all that you can do with the feature-rich, free, open source ZIP implementation for .NET – DotNetZip. Using DotNetZip and a dash of .NET code…

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ProClip, the BEST iPhone mount you can find!

My 2010 Toyota Prius is a great car!  It’s a geek’s dream with all the hi-tech bells and whistles it has.  For example, I use the Bluetooth integration in the car quite a bit for both talking on the phone and audio (music, podcasts, etc).  With the phone being the main source for audio entertainment, there are many times I…

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My Must Have Jailbroken iPhone Apps

The iPhone 4 is an awesome smartphone.  It truly has started to replace my desktop and laptop computer for many day to day tasks.  While Apple did a good job at making this phone very user friendly and functional, you can really make this tiny little pocket computer even better without much effort.  Jailbreaking your iPhone will really unleash this…

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