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ProClip, the BEST iPhone mount you can find!

My 2010 Toyota Prius is a great car!  It’s a geek’s dream with all the hi-tech bells and whistles it has.  For example, I use the Bluetooth integration in the car quite a bit for both talking on the phone and audio (music, podcasts, etc).  With the phone being the main source for audio entertainment, there are many times I need to access it while driving (change a song, fast forward through a podcast’s commercials, etc).  Unfortunately, half the time I needed it my phone it had slid off the passenger seat where I had it plugged in charging or was out of reach.

The only usable factory option was the cup holder in the center console but most of the time I have my coffee or water in there.  I researched various options and could never really find a good way for my iPhone to sit while I was driving, especially when I had a beverage in my cup holder.  Unfortunately the Prius’ design doesn’t really lend itself to the traditional vent or window iPhone mount.

Finally the other day I stumbled upon the ProClip website and realized there was still hope.  ProClip had a proprietary two part system that looked legit and that seemed perfect for how my Prius was laid out.  I ordered the item and it arrived in just a few days.  After a quick 15 minute install I must say that I’m glad I pulled the trigger on the ProClip.  Like I said, the system has two parts.  You first install the base mount and then you get your device specific holder (my links are to the specific parts I ordered for my 2010 Prius).

If you look around you’ll see there are numerous options for the device holder with various prices.  I opted to get a slightly more expensive one that had a pass-through for the phone charger, just so I didn’t have to hook that up each time I put the phone into the mount (yes, I’m that lazy).  If you want to spend less money there are options there for you when it comes to the device holder.  The mounts are more cut and dry (vent mount, console mount, etc).  That really depends on where you want it to be.

So far the holder has been great.  I was able to have my coffee in my cup holder, my phone angled where I could easy see and control it, and everything seemed solid.  I do have to get used to getting the phone in and out of the holder, but I think that’s something that will get easier over time, and the holder will get broken in allowing the phone to slide in and out without much effort.  The holder is padded and has a very good quality finish.  I can tell it will never scratch the phone or allow the phone to fall out.  And while I haven’t used it, it supports both vertical and horizontal modes.

If you’re looking for a decent mount for your iPhone, and you don’t mind a more permanent option, definitely consider the ProClip mount!

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