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Use ASP.NET and DotNetZip to Create and Extract ZIP Files

I recently came across this article from Scott Mitchell, that shows how to use DotNetZip to create and extract ZIP files in an ASP.NET application, and covers advanced features like password protection and encryption.

The article details all that you can do with the feature-rich, free, open source ZIP implementation for .NET – DotNetZip. Using DotNetZip and a dash of .NET code you can:

  • Create a new ZIP file and add one or more files or folders,
  • Read the contents of a ZIP file,
  • Extract all (or some) of the contents of a ZIP file to a specified folder,
  • Use advanced ZIP file format features, such as encrypting the contents of the ZIP and protecting them with a password.

This is definitely something that will come in handy.  I’ve tried working with zip files in the past and it has never been this easy.  Dealing with a ZIP file is definitely something that you will need to do at some point if you program long enough.  With this article, it will definitely be something that you won’t bang your head against the wall trying to accomplish!

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