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Growing up with Microsoft

I first got started with computers back in the 80’s with a Tandy 1000 Series computer and used MS-DOS quite a bit.  I then graduated from DOS and worked my way through all the Windows versions over the years.  Today I came across this blog post that shows what happens if you try to upgrade a machine from MS-DOS to Windows 7.  Watching this really took me back and made me realize how I really have grown up with Microsoft over the years.

I still use Windows 7 daily at work today and for various non-work related programming.  I have also branched out and use Mac OS X for all of my core personal computing these days.  What really shocked me about the video in was that it showed that you really can take a computer from MS-DOS and apply 20 years worth of software upgrades to it and have it still work.  I must say I was impressed by this and Microsoft actually earned back some of my respect!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the earlier versions of Windows or MS-DOS (Disk Operating System), enjoy this video!

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