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Tutorial for getting started with ASP.NET, WCF and jQuery

I have been doing some work lately with jQuery, WCF, HTML5 and ASP.NET and it’s been actually pretty fun challenging and fun. I’ve gotten to tinker with quite a few new technologies that I hadn’t used before and really got to sink my teeth into jQuery and some of the cool new features that HTML5 has to offer (like local storage and offline capabilities).

When starting out with my recent project I had to pull from various resources to learn what these tools were capable of and how I could fit them all together. And while it doesn’t get into the HTML5 aspects of my project this article on creating a simple task list with ASP.NET, WCF and jQuery would have been very helpful to me in the beginning.

While the article is only Part 1 in a series, I think it will get you going in the right direction and will show you some of the power that you have on the client with the new jQuery data templates.  I must say that with the introduction of these templates you can truly offload a large amount of your logic down to the client which will provide for a much better (and faster) user experience.

Anyway, check out the article.  It’s short, to the point and offers the source code as a download too!

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