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Web applications are now helping you ditch your mouse!

Being a heavy keyboard only user in many instances and having written desktop applications that focus heavily on keyboard tab order, hot keys, etc., I really enjoyed reading Scott Hansleman’s latest blog post about the web being the new terminal and how many web applications now are building in support for keyboard shortcuts and hot keys.  I definitely see this being a trend that will continue to gain popularity, enabling people to be much more efficient while using web applications that are part of their daily lives (like Gmail).

Take for example all of the keyboard shortcuts that you could be using today in Gmail while reading your mail.

I’ve known about a few of these and have tinkered with them in the past.  Seeing just how much you can do with it and having spent a little more time on it recently, I am definitely going to make an effort to use the keyboard as much as possible from now on in Gmail.

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