About Me

Who are you?

As you can tell from the title of this site/blog, my name is Don Kitchen.  I live in Mount Airy, Maryland with my wife and 3 kids.  I have been a computer junkie since I got my first computer back when I was maybe 12 (a Tandy 1000 from Radio Shack).  It didn’t take me long to outgrow that and before I knew it I was into building my own systems with parts from the 50 lb Computer Shopper magazines that I regularly purchased.

I also quickly discovered the online world and ran numerous large BBS systems back before the Internet was the monster it is today.  Ahh, the memories of back when I didn’t have my own phone lines for my BBS when I ran it “part time”.  Funny how much your mom can get annoyed when “computer noises” keep happening when she answered the phone.  I mean, when I said the BBS was only online from 10pm – 5am I meant it!  How dare they call at 6pm and torment my poor mother with their modem tones!

I have pretty much been a technology/gadget “geek” since I was a kid and enjoy all things related to it.  I enjoy building software and have made a career of it for the past 12 years now.  I also enjoy remodeling my home, sports, cars and plenty of other “average guy” kinds of things.  Most of my time however these days is spent being a husband and a dad of 3 (boy/girl twins born in June 2006 and a boy born in March 2008).  It’s amazing how quickly your hair can turn gray in a matter of 2 years 🙂

Why are you posting all this crap?

This site is a mix of both for fun topics and things that I come across in my job that I feel are worth sharing.  I had a code blog for a while and have merged that content here into this site.  I consider myself a pretty good Google-er so I typically won’t post any basic code that you can find in 2 seconds with a quick Google search.  Most of the “ah-ha’s” are things that I struggled with and wanted to share with the world.  The few posts that I moved over from my code blog are almost 2 years old and still get tons of hits, so I obviously wasn’t the only one having those problems.