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Get the root part of a domain in .NET

Need to get the .com, .us, .biz, etc. part of the domain name in .NET? Here’s how: Dim root As String root = Right(Request.Url.Host, (Request.Url.Host.Length) – InStrRev(Request.Url.Host, "."))Dim root As String root = Right(Request.Url.Host, (Request.Url.Host.Length) – InStrRev(Request.Url.Host, "."))

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Visual Studio 2010 Code Metrics Viewer

What is Code Metrics Viewer? – Matthias Friedrich highlights his Visual Studio 2010 Code Metrics Viewer extension which plugs into VS 2010 Professional and uses the Code Metrics Power Tool to provide code metrics information to the IDE. Matthias is blogging a number of posts on this project blog which look at the various features of the viewer and I…

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Ajax-based data loading using jQuery in ASP.NET

Great article to check out! Ajax-based data loading using jQuery.load() function in ASP.NET – Hajan Selmani takes a back to basics look at using jQuery to load partial chunks of HTML from a page using Ajax and insert them into the current page, providing a nice way of lighting up a web application with an ‘Ajax’ feel whilst easily maintaining…

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The Microsoft Kinect SDK has arrived!

The official Microsoft Kinect SDK beta is now out and available for download! Covered by Channel Nine Live Media, Microsoft Scientist Anoop Gupta made the announcement himself that after the long wait, users may now go to the official SDK website to download the latest software development kit for the Kinect camera. Here are the features that will come with the Kinect…

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Simple WordPress Page Redirect Hack

I recently was looking for a way to setup a WordPress Page that actually was just a link/placeholder for an external site. This allows me to have my external page be automatically part of a theme’s navigation, etc. The solution I used is actually pretty simple and allows for an unlimited number of instances of these “redirect pages” without having…

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