How to move the Microsoft OneDrive folder location in Windows 7

Often folks add secondary hard drives to their computers to free up storage space on their primary hard drives.  As part of this process one would typically move various “data” folders from their primary system drive to a secondary hard drive with a larger capacity.  One such example of this could be moving your Microsoft OneDrive folder and all of…

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The best keyboard I’ve ever had

I saw a sale on slickdeals today for the keyboard that I have loved and used for years now, the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.  At the time of this posting, Amazon is selling this keyboard for $25, which is a great deal!  If you are a programmer or use your computer all day as part of your job like I…

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Growing up with Microsoft

I first got started with computers back in the 80’s with a Tandy 1000 Series computer and used MS-DOS quite a bit.  I then graduated from DOS and worked my way through all the Windows versions over the years.  Today I came across this blog post that shows what happens if you try to upgrade a machine from MS-DOS to Windows…

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