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Simple WordPress Page Redirect Hack

I recently was looking for a way to setup a WordPress Page that actually was just a link/placeholder for an external site. This allows me to have my external page be automatically part of a theme’s navigation, etc. The solution I used is actually pretty simple and allows for an unlimited number of instances of these “redirect pages” without having…

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Rename an email attachment before sending in .NET

I recently had the need to send an email with a file attachment from disk. The problem I faced was that the filename was not very user friendly at all. What I didn’t want to do however was rename the file on disk, or create another copy of the file with a more generic name, that could create conflicts with…

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CMAP Main Meeting – Tuesday, December 7th – IIS Express, Razor, and WebMatrix, OH my!

CMAP Main Meeting – Tuesday, December 7th – IIS Express, Razor, and WebMatrix, OH my! – G. Andrew Duthie When: Tuesday, November 7th, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM Where: HCC Business Training Center, 6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, MD, 21046 Topic: IIS Express, Razor, and WebMatrix, OH my! Does the announcement of so many new technologies make you wonder where the…

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Forcing a user to read (or scroll through) all text before accepting terms

If you’ve used a computer before you’ve undoubtedly scrolled through and agreed to some sort of agreement.  Most likely it was some sort of software license agreement that you didn’t read about some website you were signing up on or an application that you were installing. Maybe, if you’ve installed enough software or been on enough websites you’ve come across…

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CMD HTTP Request – command line HTTP request utility

More and more I find that I need to setup some kind of job or scheduled task to accomplish something in .NET on a reoccurring basis.  Typically in the past I’ve written Windows Services to accomplish this.  While effective, these definitely take longer to write and are harder to debug than say a simple ASP.NET page.  What I’ve done lately…

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CMD Email v2.0 released

CMD Email, the email command line utility I developed (originally discussed here) has been updated to version 2.0. Here are new features for v2.0: Updated to target .NET 3.5 Framework Added support for message body being loaded from a file Added support for multiple file attachments Added support for logging to the Windows Application Event Log You can download the…

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FredNUG tonight

I’ll be attending the Frederick .NET user group tonight.  Tonight’s topics will be SQL Server Performance and Coding for Fun and Profit.  More information can be found here.

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Testing email when working with no SMTP server

Happy New Year! While this tip isn’t my own, it still seems as though it will be very helpful.  I know that I do a lot of development locally where I don’t have an SMTP server setup.  This tip, courtsey of .NET Tip of the Day, really will eliminate that problem and allow you to work with email without the…

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VB.NET RC4 Encryption for database storage

I recently had to upgrade some Classic ASP code to .NET for some data encryption.  The routines use RC4 encryption and make the result database friendly.  The following class can easily be dropped into your project for use with little effort.  The sample code shows the encryption and decryption methods.  You just provide the message and the key for either…

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