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Bring back the HTML Designer in Visual Studio 2010

Here’s a simple but maybe not so obvious tip.  In Visual Studio 2010 the HTML Designer is not enabled by default.  This can easily be re-enabled by knowing where to go in your Visual Studio Options. Simply go into Tools > Options > HTML Designer and check “Enable HTML designer”. That’s it!  After that restart Visual Studio and you’re good…

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Visual Studio 2010 Code Metrics Viewer

What is Code Metrics Viewer? – Matthias Friedrich highlights his Visual Studio 2010 Code Metrics Viewer extension which plugs into VS 2010 Professional and uses the Code Metrics Power Tool to provide code metrics information to the IDE. Matthias is blogging a number of posts on this project blog which look at the various features of the viewer and I…

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The Microsoft Kinect SDK has arrived!

The official Microsoft Kinect SDK beta is now out and available for download! Covered by Channel Nine Live Media, Microsoft Scientist Anoop Gupta made the announcement himself that after the long wait, users may now go to the official SDK website to download the latest software development kit for the Kinect camera. Here are the features that will come with the Kinect…

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