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VMWare Fusion 5 Released for Mac Users

For Mac users, one of the most popular ways to use Windows is through a virtual machine method because it allows the Mac user to control their Mac OS X operating system while another operating system runs in a separate window. It is an option separate from using Apple’s Boot Camp ability, which allows the user to partition their storage…

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Growing up with Microsoft

I first got started with computers back in the 80’s with a Tandy 1000 Series computer and used MS-DOS quite a bit.  I then graduated from DOS and worked my way through all the Windows versions over the years.  Today I came across this blog post that shows what happens if you try to upgrade a machine from MS-DOS to Windows…

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Setting up SSL with IIS for ASP.NET

On my project at work I recently had to deal with securing our IIS 6 website with SSL and forcing that no non-secure requests would be honored. What I quickly found was that IIS didn’t offer a way to automatically redirect any non-secure requests to a secure version of the same page, or some other page (i.e. redirect automatically…

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Very cool, very free Remote Desktop management utility

While bragging to my buddy Bill about how cool this new open source remote desktop app Terminals was, he showed me an even better tool, visionApp Remote Desktop (vRD), that he uses for the same thing. After a quick 5 minute install and configuration I clearly liked vRD over Terminals and any other RDP tool I had used. Here’s a…

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